Xinhua Silk Road: Fengxin County in E. China’s Jiangxi celebrates bountiful harvest of kiwifruit

(Adnkronos) – BEIJING, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A series of cultural and tourism activities including folk performances, fruit picking and live-streaming sales have been kicked off in Fengxin County in east China'sJiangxi Province to celebrate bountiful harvest of kiwifruit. On the opening night of the cultural festival, visitors enjoyed spectacular performances, traditional dragon lantern shows, and strolled through the night market, fully immersing themselves in the vibrant local life of the county. In mid-autumn, under the lush vines in the kiwi picking garden, large kiwis hang from the branches, emitting a wave of fragrance. Both fruit farmers and tourists wander through the garden for picking, filling the air with ongoing laughters. To continuously promote and build the brand of kiwifruit culture, the county has planned and held kiwifruit cultural and tourism activities since 2018, leveraging the activities to stimulate the consumption and enhance the city's reputation and popularity. In nearly a month ahead, focusing on the bountiful harvest of kiwifruits, towns in the county will host various activities to demonstrate unique culture and folk customs, such as agricultural experience and folklore ceremonies to attract visitors. Fengxin County is known as the "Home of Chinese Kiwifruit", surrounded by mountains on three sides, distinct four seasons, ample sunlight, and abundant rainfall. All these contribute to the fine texture, soft and juicy taste of kiwifruits. Currently, the county has a kiwi planting area of 95,000 mu. See the original link:
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