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METZ Shines at IFA on Its 85th Anniversary: Shaping History, Evolving History, and Breaking History

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(Adnkronos) – BERLIN, Sept. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrating 85 years of technological excellence, Germany's iconic home appliance brand, METZ, bears witness to historical milestones while consistently achieving new breakthroughs. The brand continuously shapes a new chapter in the home appliance industry history. During METZ's 85th-anniversary event, Dr. Kotzbauer, General Manager of METZ Germany, recounted the brand's 85-year journey. Mr. Lin Jin, Chairman of the Group, highlighted METZ's vital role within the SKYWORTH group and its European business expansion. Dr. SHI CHI, President of SKYWORTH Group, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the media and consumers for being part of this significant historical moment.  From September 1st to 5th, METZ showcased its presence at IFA 2023, a pivotal event in the global consumer electronics industry. METZ attracted manufacturers, tech experts, and consumers worldwide to experience its cutting-edge technology, high-quality craftsmanship, and remarkable innovation. At this globally anticipated exhibition, METZ showcased a captivating panorama. It unveiled not only the METZ Classic and METZ Blue series of classic TV products but also introduced white home appliances, alongside the spotlight on new energy vehicles and photovoltaic technology. METZ showcased remarkable achievements in the premium sector, including Metz Classic TV, Transformers OLED TV, 24-inch portable TV, wallpaper series, and 100-inch QLED products, unveiling an array of flagship products. The globalized intelligent TV operating system, Coolita, debuted its novel functions. These include Coolita Channel with over 100 channels of 24/7 free live content and Coolita Link, enabling seamless control and switching for both large and small screens. Making its debut appearance at IFA, METZ Photovoltaics, as a representative of new energy, showcased its energy storage inverters, batteries, and other core hardware devices, along with comprehensive solutions. This presentation at the exhibition aligned the green energy economic model with the call of the low-carbon era, contributing to the vigorous development of the low-carbon economy. The heavyweight introduction of new energy vehicles, harmonizing with SKYWORTH's digital ecosystem, crafts an intelligent vehicle-home ecosystem for consumers. Equipped with features like one-touch sleep health seats, PM2.5 monitoring, and high-temperature sterilization, these provide a secure, health-conscious, intelligent driving experience. At IFA, METZ showcased its leading technology, consistently conveying "Made in Germany" and "German quality" to users. With a focus on customers and sustainability, METZ continues its commitment to craftsmanship, passing down German quality to create influential products and services globally amidst the evolving electronics industry. Photo –
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