Charting a Green Future: GCLSI Takes Center Stage at International Forum on Energy Transition

(Adnkronos) – SUZHOU, China, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. ("GCLSI") commanded a leading role at the 4th International Forum on Energy Transition, held at the International Conference Hotel in Suzhou, China from September 5th to 7th, 2023.  The forum, themed "Jointly promoting energy transition for a shared green future", was co-hosted by China's National Energy Administration (NEA), the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, and organized by the Suzhou Municipal People's Government and the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission. GCLSI executive president Zhang Kun participated in a dialogue during the forum focused on the shift to clean energies. He emphasized that advancing this transition isn't merely a mandate for energy firms but also a pivotal opportunity for forward-looking growth. To champion this vision, GCLSI is poised to streamline the entire solar energy value chain. Through tech-driven innovation, they aim to offer cleaner and more efficient energy solutions. Committed to addressing climate change, GCLSI plans to roll out low-carbon products and forge global partnerships in pursuit of a sustainable, greener tomorrow. On the opening day, NEA director Zhang Jianhua, and IRENA director-general Francesco La Camera toured GCLSI's exhibition space at the conference site. They gained a comprehensive understanding of GCLSI's strategic vision for the renewable energy sector and their approach to new material technologies. GCLSI displayed its lineup of premier products, including ultra-high-efficiency solar panels and energy storage solutions, illustrating their robust capabilities throughout the entire green and low-carbon value chain. Mr. La Camera, the IRENA Director-General, and his delegation were invited to visit the Future Energy Pavilion in the GCL Headquarter on the 8th. During their visit, they gained insights into GCLSI's comprehensive and organized approach for sustainable energy and observed first-hand how these new energy solutions are applied in real-world contexts and the practices associated with their deployment. With years of experience in energy technology and a dedication to sustainable innovation, GCLSI is committed to helping global partners transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon future. The recent commissioning of the 20GW N-type high-efficiency solar cell facility in Wuhu, China this July, along with the initiation of multiple international projects, underscores GCLSI's resolve to lead in the entire solar industry value chain. Notably, GCLSI will be present as one of the Champion Sponsors at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28). As the solar industry enters the 'N-type era', GCLSI emphasizes cutting-edge technology and continuous product improvement, with a special focus on integrated, smart solutions for low-carbon energy storage. 
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