CCTV+: Enamored by Jiangxi-Lushan Mountain’s Culture and Jiujiang’s Charm

(Adnkronos) – BEIJING, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lushan Mountain is located in Lushan City, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. According to legend, during the Zhou Dynasty, seven brothers surnamed Kuang went up a mountain to cultivate and seek immortality, and they built a Lu (thatched cottage) there, from which Lushan Mountain got its name. Lushan Mountain bears the title of "the most extraordinary spectacle surrounding Kuang's humble cottage," boasting an enchanting display of ever-changing cloud seas, magnificent springs & waterfalls, and ancient monuments steeped in timeless civilization. Lushan Mountain, with its abundant rainfall and low climate, is known as a "cool island" in the "hot sea". From the lofty summit, where the clouds embrace the mountaintop, Lushan Mountain unveils itself as a picturesque wonderland. When gazing upwards from the foot of the mountain, one witnesses Lushan Mountain rising majestically, seemingly piercing through the clouds, creating a mesmerizing vista akin to a celestial realm. Conversely, when observing from the mountaintop to the foot below, a sea of clouds unfurls, as if a playful dance of mist and fog. Occasionally, the mountain may be veiled in darkness, untouched by the sun's rays, while the bottom experiences a gentle drizzle, evoking a delightful and intriguing ambiance. The natural beauty of Lushan Mountain, adorned by the ethereal Jiangxi clouds, gives rise to a distinctive marvel of landscapes. Here, one can not only wander amidst this enchanting realm, experiencing the harmonious fusion of humanity and nature, but also immerse oneself in the artistic scenery, fulfilling the aesthetic desires of cultural explorers. Photo –
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