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EZVIZ unveils HP7, the new-generation, internet-connected video doorphone, to replace traditional home intercom systems with vastly smarter features

(Adnkronos) – App-accessible and remotely controllable, the HP7 combines a 2K outdoor doorbell and a large indoor display to satisfy the ever-evolving demands on easier front-door communications and better home protection. HOOFDDORP, Netherlands, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EZVIZ, a world-leading innovator in smart home security, impresses the market with its latest innovation, the HP7 Smart Video Doorphone. A well-thought-out kit consisting of a 2-in-1 camera and doorbell with a 7-inch color touch screen, the HP7 interlinks with entrance locks and connects to home networks. Users will get in and out more easily, see and interact with visitors more clearly, and be able to open doors remotely. What's better, users can receive real-time mobile notifications when people are detected, view live video feeds, and manage visitor access – all via their smartphones. Widely recognized for its easily reliable video doorbells and smart door viewers, EZVIZ has taken a step further this time to provide a more tailored solution for larger houses and villas. In addition to advanced functionalities and product connectivity, the HP7 fully ditches the bulkiness and old-fashioned look of prevailing home intercoms. The kit features a refined, minimalist style that matches users' tastes for a modern home and easily suits any contemporary home entry. With the HP7, convenience comes first. Homeowners now have multiple options to open their door and gate, by swiping a smart RFID card, tapping on the indoor monitor, or unlocking via the EZVIZ App. Wi-Fi connected, the HP7 makes it simple to manage home access even when users are not physically present. Users can choose to use the large touch screen or their phones to communicate with visitors, customize features and view the front door with stunning 2K video. Integrating EZVIZ's industry-leading smart camera technologies, the HP7 can distinguish and detect moving humans from other moving objects and send instant mobile notifications. Users can also fine-tune the detection feature by customizing the area and sensibility. Those who prioritize personal privacy can also enable the voice changer feature on the EZVIZ App when talking to unknown people. "We are really proud about the birth of our HP7, as it truly shows EZVIZ's long-standing commitment to build easy, useful and beautiful smart home products, by combining human-centered design with advanced technology," said John Wu, global product manager at EZVIZ. Photo –
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