Adler Makes Groundbreaking Debut: World’s First 3D Real-Time Ad Takes Center Stage on Iconic New York Times Square Billboard

(Adnkronos) – SEOUL, South Korea, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pioneering 3D startup, Adler Inc., showcased their real-time 3D advertisement in New York Times Square from May 8th to 14th. In Times Square, visitors scanned a QR code on the billboard to project their personalized messages in real-time 3D space. Over 67,000 messages were displayed, including personal names and heartfelt tributes to beloved icons. Adler's free advertising solution enables users to freely share their messages, without having to spend millions of dollars in costs. Adler, a leader in proprietary 3D engine development, has revolutionized real-time 3D advertising. Unlike existing engines require up to one minute to load for web-based billboard ads, Adler's web-based 3D engine loads in under a second. This breakthrough enabled the world's first-ever real-time 3D billboard advertisement in Times Square. Intrigued by this technology, local billboard operators granted exceptional permission for two on-site tests free of charge. Adler specializes in the 3D Web, offering its own 3D engine and programming language known as "Adler XRML." Built on HTML5 Canvas, this engine guarantees seamless compatibility with PCs, mobile devices, Meta Quest, and Apple Vision Pro, without the hassle of separate app installations. In 2022, Adler secured a significant investment of 2.1 million USD from prominent institutional investors, including Korea Investment Partners, the top-ranked investment firm in Korea based on AUM rankings, reaffirming its technological prowess. Last September, Adler took center stage as an official technology partner at the prestigious Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France, during the Focus Art Fair. Yurica Ovaerenu, the CEO of Adler, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16 while studying in the second year of Seoul Science High School. She chose to drop out of Seoul National University, the top-ranked university in Korea. At the age of 27, she became a serial entrepreneur who underwent a gender transition. Inspired by her extensive experience playing 3D games like Overwatch and Mabinogi before her transition, she had a vision to create a virtual reality where individuals can truly be themselves. Based on this vision, Adler recently launched its own technology-driven social media platform. Yurica proclaimed, "With Adler's lightweight and fast 3D engine, we will usher into an era where virtual reality becomes an everyday part of life, accessible from anywhere in the world." She further expressed her determination to redefine the concept of the "3DWeb." Photo –
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